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Monday, December 21, 2009

You had me at CREPES

Day 1: Our first agenda was to get our Paris Pass ( then go to the Eiffel Tower to meet up with our bike tour group
We pretty much biked the whole city. It was tiring but totally worth it because we ended up getting a visual of the distance b/w all the places we wanted to hit up
There was a parade by the Louvre area because the Pope was in town. I accidentally got super close where he was but unfortunately i accidentally deleted the pic i took

Mel and I at the Louvre entrance waiting to depart

tour guide in blue shirt...she was a cool cat. we were on our way to the jardin de tuileries

as soon as the guide said crepes i ignore everything else. this was mel's order-banana

i stick to what i know/like. you can never go wrong with nutella

yeah we didn't like it at all

i have no clue how i ended up ordering that kind of beer

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