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Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 1 in Paris

You put 2 Asians together and what you get is a very well planned vacation
Mel and I each had an itinerary that would make anyone go loco
Our days always started super early so we made sure to have breakfast before going about our day.
Since we didn't know the area well we just decided to go for a walk and eventually found a place open for breakfast

we just so happened to be staying in an area where there was a market every morning. We woke up every day hearing the hustle and bustle

found a corner spot. the view was nice

Mel waiting for our order. If you look closely you can see a bit of the Arc right behind the light

we kept it simple. bread and cappuccino/juice

our drinks. cappuccino for me. juice for mel

2 eggs sunny side up and ham. you can't go wrong

mel's order. some egg thing. looked like a custard

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