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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Roblar Winery

My bff and I spent my birthday in San Francisco because my friend from the Philippines just happened to be in town.
We went to Napa Valley to go wine tasting, we hit up the Mondovi winery based on reviews
Linda is not a big fan of wine, I am. This works out well for me because she takes one sip and passes the rest to me.
When we got back home we decided to go wine tasting again, this time we went to the Roblar Winery in Santa Ynez (down the street from Solvang)
The great thing about Roblar is that they also double as a cooking school so you know the food will be good....or at least you hope it will be (it is)
We're going back before I leave for New York

Left: water (untouched) Right: glass 1 of 5

do work son

the wine list for the day. 2 whites and 3 red

Linda just can't let go of her American ways. She HAD to have a burger

forgot what kind of sandwich i got. it was delicious

love love love

this was such a bad call. after 4 glasses of wine i decided to have a cappuccino

chillin outside

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