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Monday, December 21, 2009

Ciao Roma

We spent 3 days in Rome and not once did we eat Pizza
The thought never came to me. I was too focused on the gelato that i completely forgot
For shame
I did however manage to have gelato at least twice a day

one word: madness

in all honesty, these had to be the best orange chicken i've ever had

always gotta have an appetizer

before our flight to Paris we decided to eat by the Termini Station. I spotted a Chinese restaurant and figured what the hell....might as well

fruit mix. my apologies for the flash. it was so dark inside the boat

appetizer was prosciutto. We overheard a woman ask the waiter if this was dinner. Mel and I couldn't stop laughing. I digress

limoncello. i just had to try it. i couldn't hang. that drink is poisonous

we hit up a dinner on a boat thing. i highly recommend it

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