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Monday, December 21, 2009

A day in Versailles

The city was great, but the day we spent in Versailles was EPIC
Anyone who goes to Paris should definitely visit Versailles
The whole place is breathtaking

We met our group at the Fat Tire office
We biked to the train station and took our bikes in (the ride from the city is about 25 mins)
Adam (our guide) took us to the Versailles Market (basically their farmer's market)
This place was heaven on earth. I could've stayed there all day. Mel and I got about 2 bags of food and a bottle of white wine. Then we went to have our picnic at the area where they shot Marie Antoinette. I frolicked where Kirsten Dunst spent her summer filming a movie
Epic day

Mel starting her day with fresh orange juice. That dude was the man

meat galore....we didn't get any of that

more meat....for some reason it just didn't look appetizing

now this was my spot....i couldn't decide what to get

so i got a little bit of cute is that basket

i died and went to fromage heaven. we got 2 kinds. my choice: Brie

this was our lunch spread. we pretty much ate everything

I asked for Riesling but the wine guy recommended this French bottle instead...good call

yeah that gate is made of gold.....frivolous

we wandered off and found a small cafe. time for ice cream


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