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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5795 Walker Street
Ventura, CA

My CPA friend Candice was nice enough to do my 2010 taxes and when i asked her how much I owed her she told me it was on the house. In return, I promised to treat her to sushi when I got back to the west coast. We decided to hit up the spot where we all used to go all the time. This is where we celebrated birthdays and random occasions. We ended up sitting in the teppan section

nice to see you again

always my beverage of choice when i have sushi

miso soup and house salad

my appetizer: scallop roll

Linda's dragon roll. not sure what kind of fish was on top

the newly engaged couple who sat across from us. they were celebrating their 2 yr anniversary

fried rice

teppan time

free show courtesy of Ivan

i got the steak/shrimp combo. this portion was SO SO good

by the time Ivan was done cooking this is all i had left. killed that whole plate

ordered this to go (that's how i roll)

Candice, Moi, Linda (reunited and it feels so good)

We are definitely coming back very soon. I've missed this place. Sitting there for two hours reminded me of all the drunken nights we spent in the sushi area. I once had a 4 hour dinner there with a friend. We did work

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