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Monday, August 1, 2011

Miami, Honduras

Miami is a small town about an hour from La Ceiba where people live away from civilization. There is no electricity and it is a mission to get there. There is no paved road which makes the trip almost unbearable. I'm so glad we took the time to see the area though. It was definitely a huge reality check.

There is no restaurant there so you just ask a random house to cook for you. Our host loved us because we didn't ask any questions or complain. We just told them to make us whatever they normally eat for lunch.

Definitely an experience I will never forget. They were the kindest people I have ever met

the residents don't drive cars....this is how they get around

chillaxin before taking a dip in the water

the treacherous road....madness

someone's humble abode. the whole time we were there he was chillin on his hammock

pre lunch snack. Dimas got a machete and did work

best meal EVER

doing mad work

water in a plastic bag. better than drinking tap water. learned my lesson

yeah we didn't like our food one bit.....

muchas gracias la gente de Miami por todos. muy amable

my beverage of choice

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