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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Maktub (Lebanese)

5th Ave between Calles 28 and 30

As soon as we passed this place we knew we had to eat there mainly because you can't really eat Mexican food every single day. You gotta throw in something different in there.
We dropped by for dinner. two thumbs up.....we skipped the fondue thing and dove in to the actual food. I did forget to take a pic of the falafel that Nico had. I definitely recommend this place. Price friendly, great service, great food and as it happens it was literally right outside our hotel. Score

merely a photo op. i don't drink Tecate...tastes like piss

Nico went to the restaurant next to Maktub and decided to pretend he was eating there. good thing cos the place was empty. they probably appreciated his company

i stuck with lemonade

forgot what Caren got but that chicken was bomb

i had the arab combo...that's what it was called

teeny tiny piece of dessert....delicious

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